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Let’s Help Each Other


Our Mission and Vision


To work towards making a better society which provides basic health and education to every citizen in addition to providing adequate support to sportsperson coming for underprivileged background.

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Our mission is to promote sports by providing a platform and adequate resources to underprivileged children. In addition to promoting sports we at Bharosa also feel that its our responsibility to address the issue of malnourishment and work towards providing food for all.

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We intend to promote sports and upcoming talent by way of sponsorship. We will provide for education for underprivileged children and arrange for food and clothes for the marginalised section of the society by way of donation drives.

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Our Thought…

Bharosa Foundation is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organisation that focuses on providing clothes and education to needy people residing in India. As the name suggests, we believe in spreading faith and trust among the young minds & their respective families towards humanity. We aim to bridge the gap between benevolent individuals and needy ones who can support each other on all aspects of life.

When one donates, he gets a lot of blessings from the receiver. This exchange of warmth & love in return of any monetary or materialistic contribution by the individual creates a mutually beneficial society. Bharosa wants to convey that people “care”.  By establishing an ecosystem which encourages donations, we believe, we can help the marginalised section of the society.

Most educated people are privileged enough to buy new clothes every now and then, but they can’t figure out what to do with their old clothes. We offer them recycling options as doing this will help them clean their cupboards for a beneficial cause and make space for new items. People need to realize that their old and unused clothes can mean a treasure to someone else. We are committed to providing clothes and any other basic amenity to whoever is needy at any hour of the day, more so in winters as winters are a season in which the poor and needy face the most odds. We generally organise our events at popular market places of Gurgaon, India. We do not discriminate on the basis of religion or caste and anyone from any age or social status can join hands to help the poor community with us. Our “donate now” tab is available for those who want to contribute online. Under special circumstances, we also provide doorstep pick-up of items meant for donation form all over Gurgaon. If you spread the name of “Bharosa”, we will be more than happy!



Serve needy people by providing clothes 90
Spread a message of kindness 75
Remove poverty by support of people 85
Making India a better place to live 90
Educate more and more people 90

As per recent records, India has a literacy rate of total 74%, out of which males cover 82%. This figure shows us how much we need to educate girl children. Even the higher education enrolment have been cut out at 24% by 2013, after which in recent years, there have been developments of rural education but the quality of government school system has been questioned. At bharosa, we offer education to poor children without any age or caste system in place.

We strongly believe that education is the only light that can help them lead a quality life. More than flow of money, every individual needs a proper path to follow – that which a teacher can show. We have excellent teachers who are actively initiating collective measures to eradicate poverty of the “mind”. Martin Luther King once said, “intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education”. Our goal is to simply impart knowledge & upgrade societal values by offering a friendly exchange of gently used goods and smiles in between donors & receivers.

Our Trustees

Ashish Bahukhandi

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Mr. Ashish Bahukhandi is an Indian Business magnate, entrepreneur,and philanthropist. His mission is to offer a dignified life to needy people through various charities with the help of an educated community. He is the Founder of Bharosa.

Hemant Kumar

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Mr. Hemant Kumar is a retired Govt. Officer. He is a generous senior citizen who wants to contribute his hard-earned money and time to needy ones in the society. He has received a medal from the President of India for his outstanding work & honesty.

Rahul Bahukhandi

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Mr. Rahul Bahukhandi is a Sr. Director Strategic Alliance of Baidu and Chairman of Bharosa. Apart from assuming his leading role in corporate life, Mr. Bahukhandi nurtures his beneficent nature by actively taking part in Bharosa events.


Clothes Distribution 90
Helping Poor children 70
To Educate uneducated people and kids 80
Spread message of cleanliness 90
Support the needy ones 80

Why Donate?

We must look at an economy which is not focused at cash production but in value creation. Being true patriots, we need to join hands to transform the culture of offering things in our country. Winters don’t kill people, lack of clothes does. Poverty doesn’t affect people’s lives, lack of knowledge does. By initiating a ‘culture of giving’ in the society, we can focus on the dignity of the receiver. Hundreds of people die every year, due to lack of clothes alone, if we talk about food and shelter, the numbers might increase radically.

Why make life complicated? Let’s generate warmth and share at least a little of what we can afford. We waste tons of fast food every day, tap waters remain open, can’t we use these resources to feed others? To shift our clothing luxury mindset to an eco-friendly one? Sure, we can shop but we might also call ourselves responsible by offering our gently used clothes to the needy. In a country, which is pulsing with hunger and death every moment due to lack of food, shelter and clothes, let’s provide some to them. We are focusing on clothes and education apart from other needs of life. Let’s do our bit!


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