Let’s Help Each Other


Our Mission and Vision

Kids Education

Education is an integral part in deciding one’s future. Working towards the improvement for whom ‘Quality Education’ is a far cry, we aim at establishing educational institutions at their doorstep and providing them education to make their small world a bit happier by giving them a secure future.

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A Supporting Hand

We Believe in Hope of bringing smile to those who were deprieved of basic essentials for human life because they are short of resources. Bharoosa existence in self is one of the way where our team engages with people who believe in humanity and want to support and bring smile to others.

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Clothes Distribution

As per recent survey we found that many lives are lost in India because they do not have suitable clothing for different seasons. In the tagline “Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan” , we try to eliminate worries regarding “Kapda” or “Clothing”. Lets join hands  towards same goal and bring happiness in this society.

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What We Think!

Bharoosa As the name suggests a faith which we all have on us on your society on humanity,That there are people who want to help each other who want to support each other in any way and means they can. IN our current society there are many people who have the positive feelings towards each other to support but they don’t have the proper channel to share their support to the needy one’s . So We open Bharoosa a trust for all those kind of like minded supportive people who want to help the needy. The Concept of Bharoosa is that we take the old unused clothes from the privileged people of the society and give them to the under privileged ones. As most of the time we don’t know what should we do with the old clothes which we don’t wear as we purchased the new ones.

So Through Bharoosa we distributes All kind of old clothes, Shoes and any other kind of household unused material which will help some one else to live their life in more better way. We welcome all age group people from kids to senior citizens who can guide us to be our member and add your efforts in the cause . Our official website is Bharoosa.com from there you can apply for membership online and also you can call our volunteers they will guide you further if you want to donate any old unused clothes. Alone no-one can do anything for society , we also need your support so please support as much as you can and spread the positive words about us . Thank you from All of Bharoosa Team to be a part of this great cause .



Serve needy people by providing clothes 90
Spread a message of kindness 75
Remove poverty by support of people 85
Making India a better place to live 90
Educate more and more people 90
  • Education is considered to be the foundation of one’s life. We ensure that every child belonging to any section of society does not stay deprived of education.
  • Our ultimate goal is to focus on all those activities due to which India is lagging behind other countries.
  • There are piles of records that testify that uncountable number of people in India are not able to fulfil their basic needs inspite of working day and night. Our aim is to help them minimise their hardships by providing them support in every manner.
  • We ensure that the help we provide does not include flow of money, but the flow of those goods and items that are of no use to the belonging party.
  • We see India as One and all Indians should act as One. By  being united, we can conquer anything, including poverty.

Our Trustees

Ashish Bahukhandi

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Ashish Bahukhandi is an Indian Business magnate, entrepreneur,and  philanthropist.His mission is to serve the needy people. He is the Founder and Trustee of Bharoosa.

Hemant Kumar

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Hemant kumar is a retired Government Officer , After his long government service he want to serve the society more by putting his personnel efforts and money.

Ved Prakash Khugshal

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Ved Prakash Khugshal is a contractor by profession .He is a very disciplined person and love to help other people. He is very dedicated towards the helping of anyone and serve the society.


Clothes Distribution 90
Helping Poor children 70
To Educate uneducated people and kids 80
Spread message of cleanliness 90
Support the needy ones 80

Recent Study

Current estimations of the number of people below the poverty line vary from 20 to 50% of the population – from conservatives’ to liberals’ estimations – precisely because of the debate around the Indian poverty line. The idea is that recognizing either 240 million or 600 million poor means radically different policies for a government, so clearly the stakes are high for the parties representing richer segments of the population.

  • 50% of Indians don’t have proper shelter.
  • 70% don’t have access to decent toilets (which inspires a multitude of bacteria to host their own disease party).
  • 35% of households don’t have a nearby water source.
  • 85% of villages don’t have a secondary school (how can this be the same government claiming 9% annual growth?).
  • Over 40% of these same villages don’t have proper roads connecting them.